Fraudulent e-mails from "SARS"

Protect yourself from financial harm.

Do not respond to any e-mails with the subject line eFiling Payment (Confirmation Required) or Important transaction message or any email suggesting that you are entitled to a tax refund with links in to redirect you to a so-called "SARS" website.

These fraudulent e-mails are sent from "payment", "returns", "pmt.access" ,"content.access", etc. Once you click on the links provided in these emails you are redirected to a website where you have to provide confidential information that will grant perpetrators access to your bank account.

Do not click on any of these links of any link received via email.

SARS will not request you to provide confidential information via email, changes must be done in person at the branch of via your tax practitioner. Contact your tax practitioner if you receive any correspondence from SARS that you are unsure of.